The Life of Christine
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2013-04-11 16:25:26 (UTC)


It was crazy in 2nd period. We were in the computer lab, and the boys were on the Internet listening to music instead of doing work. LOL I even heard the music. I figured out why my best friend wasn't talking to me. She said that I started it. No, I didn't. On Monday, I was expecting her to say "Hey" to me but she didn't. I thought she didn't like me anymore because of my BFF cussing her out at the Spring Fling the school had before spring break. I then got mad, and I stopped talking to her. Now, she's saying she wants to cry. After school, I emailed her sorry and the reason why I wasn't talking to her. I hope she forgives me. My mom went to Wal-Mart and bought a gift bag while I was at school. I used the gift bag to put the gifts I bought for one of my friend's birthday. I bought her 2 Pocketbacs from Bath & Body Works. I have 8 of those for myself. I even have my own lotion from Bath & Body Works. If you don't know what Pocketbacs are, there are mini hand-sanitizers you can carry around. They even have their own case you can put them in. They are America's #1 hand-sanitizers and they are many different smells and they smell very good. They're mostly for girls, but they are some for men. I have one certain Pocketbacs for each day. I have the case and I put the case on my nametag and my Pocketbac. I let everyone use them at school. There's a girl in my class named Celeste and she LOVES Hello Kitty. I had a Hello Kitty pencil I didn't need anymore, and I said her name. She came up and took the pencil out of my hand, and said "Yay, Hello Kitty!" Later on today, she lost the pencil in the reading teacher's room. I forgot to pick it up. I think I have some more Hello Kitty pencils I don't need, so I'll give them to her. We got to work in partners in 7th period on a worksheet. I worked with a boy named Paul, I knew since elementary school. Everybody knew I was working with Paul, and everybody wanted to work with me because they think I'm smart. I really am smart. Once you meet me in real life, you'll know. Paul said, "Too bad you're on the front!" He then showed his brother, Zykee, who I knew since 2nd grade. Zykee had a surprised look on his face and took my paper. I then ran up to Zykee, who was copying my answers. The teacher then gave me my sheet back.