The Life of Christine
2013-04-10 17:11:22 (UTC)


Today was my dad's last day at home. He took me to school before he left to work. It was a few minutes before 8:00 so I had to go to the Gym and wait until the bell rang at 8:10 (school starts at 8:30). In 4th period, I got yelled at even though I wasn't the only one. Everyone was laughing, and so was I, but I was the who got yelled at. I dropped my lip-gloss in the bathroom during 6th period, but I didn't notice it. I noticed it in 7th period, when I was searching for it in my jeans pocket. I asked a girl sitting next to me and she told me that it was in the bathroom in one of the stalls. I was gonna go to the bathroom and look for it after 7th period, but I forgot all about it. I hope I can find it tomorrow. In 7th period, two of my friends were fighting over me. They were saying, "She's mine!" LOL

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