The Life of Christine
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2013-04-10 16:03:16 (UTC)

Back to school

Spring break officially ended. My dad took me to school, and we went to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. I had 2 donuts and some iced coffee. It was really good. Our schedule got changed. First, we go to 3rd period, 4th period, switch to 5th period, and eat lunch, use the bathroom, 2nd period, 6th period, bathroom, and 7th period. We don't have 1st period and the classes are longer. They've been extended to 71 minutes. The principal said the schedule's gonna last until at least May 3rd. We have this schedule because the CRCT's in two weeks. The CRCT is a test you must pass, or you won't go to the next grade. You have to make a 800 or higher. Some kids made a 900 or higher on last year's CRCT, and I never made a 900 on the CRCT. I only made 800s and 850s. Making a 900 or higher on the CRCT is my goal. My best friend didn't talk to me and didn't work with me. I wonder what's up. In science class, we have a new project. It is very important. It's worth 2 test grades. It is due May 7th. One of my friends named Hannah, called me. We met on a game called Secret Builders. I'm not sure if I like the game. I saw someone trying to cuss and they were talking about a girl's private area and that they have it too. So, I don't think I like the game.