deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2013-04-08 19:36:19 (UTC)


i just spent 20 minutes writing a VERY detailed account of my experience reading the story, and when i was 99% done for no explainable reason the site closed down and Firefox closed and i lost it all!!!

i don't have the wherewithal to recreated it. Please suffice it to say that it was eerily personal. i felt i was there. Every word, every touch, every action, every smell. Incredible.

And yes. It made me wet.

But i do have one flaw to point out. She went to that meeting wearing no panties because she obviously anticipated his visit. After their fuck she kneels and "wipes his cock clean with her panties". Just where was she hiding them!?? :-)

i loved the story. i am sorry my touching response imploded for no explainable reason.

And i shall do my very best to visit tomorrow evening.

Your devoted cunt.