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2013-04-08 14:54:18 (UTC)

picked upon!

do you ever feel picked upon?
well?! that's what happen to me, today
I was damn so angry, ahhhhh!!!!
cuz I didn't want to speak or make any conversation within anyone
I just want be alone

so btw that b4 I left for school, I hear yelling not best way go back to school...
and later people was asking me damn questions;
that I don't have answers towards my future...
so fucking angry at everyone
I just don't want be alive!

my home girl was talking I just didn't want to listen
all I want to say is "SHUT UP" to her cuz I'm not in a good mood
it's like people make you damn speak when your not your fuckin' self
so why complain abt it, right?!
so I fully felt picked upon nothin' is going right,
for me. oh yea my headaches are back again!!!
and I'm so a btich!