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2013-04-08 02:14:27 (UTC)


I have an interview with the hospital tomorrow.
Its for volunteering. The thing is i'm not prepared! I was supposed to fill out my vaccine form, but some doctors were charging just for their signature!! Not supposed to happen. Everything was to be free. Its canada for crying out loud. Anyways i'm happy that elgene got the interview too. Its relieving that a friend is very close by. Maggie already sent her reference letter. And hamani is making his up as we speak. Maahs for him later. I love pink. The artist. Everything about this so raw and and beautiful. I love a scene in one of her videos where her gorgous husband is on top of her in bed. Both of them practicly naked and his head is just on her chest. All he does is look at her a couple of times and then rests his head on her. Its simple but that quick moment was what took my breath away. It reminded me of hamani doing that exact same thing and taking my breath away as well.