always wth love

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2013-04-06 15:20:04 (UTC)

guilty :(

I'm back again
this morning at 7 am
I'm so damn guilty want I didn't go hang out
I rereading the book
all last night
until I got so exhausted
& now I'm so ashamed of
anyway I watched the movie that one
I should of went to with her
" Oz the powerful"
I wasn't right of me to NOT
go because of my damn depression

than later I had a weird vibe of she was pissed at me
but she wasn't it was the totally opposite
she was okay...
she understand that Im depressed
& now I think her
more as friend (again ) *sigh*
I want tell her I want fuckiing kiss her
but she knows that's awkward
so I can't
I really want that
that's wht I want b4 she forgets me
I need that, even thou we are only friends....