Experienced Life
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2013-04-06 04:19:23 (UTC)

Even now?

I saw something about the ex and I guess it still hurts a little. Even now. I wish I didn't see it. I'm really tired of the shit I had to go thru for all these years. Yet, even now, some of the sting is still there. I didn't realize I still had enough in me to feel pain but I guess I was wrong.

Why can't I just find my peace with what's left of my life? Or at least just check out quietly. Either one, I'm good with it. I have more friends than ever now. I don't facebook them but shit, with all these friends, isn't there just one that I can get a little closer to?

Am I really destined to live the way I am living till the day I die? And how many fucking years did I waste my life being with my ex. Fuck!!!! She is the one that deserves the slow painful death! Not me!!!

Something gotta change. Anything as long as something changes. So yeah, I'm a little down and out tonight. sigh. No one is around to hear me. The price I have to pay for peace and quiet.

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