always wth love

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2013-04-03 16:01:01 (UTC)

sadness & unsure

can't finish the book, right now!
but I gotta hurry? thou, only 30 days left after spring break
cuz of graduation..
yay!? right? well..
so anyway I'm a mess without a doubt but,
I'm okay..
I'm lying to you guys.
but I'm glad I have a strong friend "Vivi"
so it helps... Im still depressed & I still can't let go
but I don't know that's all

in three weeks I'm going be 19
very happy & but nothin' really comes out of it
nothing really special about it
I think it's sucks!
but I guess, that's whole point of growing up, I guess.
I wish I can be happy again,
I'm listening to "green day" from the last part of twilight saga
I watched it yesterday,it brought down to tears
so haven't spoken anyone really anymore
from my school, Im NOT to going talk about it, my spring break because
it's nothin' really happened...