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2013-04-02 12:26:32 (UTC)

4/1/13 Mon

had hotpot last night, took a night off. stayed up late watching shows.

needed to get up before noon but woke up early, maybe thinking about money ppl own me. text Phil again.

they delivered furniture, it's not some good quality stuffs but looking ok for now.

came out to buy tv, router, mattress. the Costco tv deal was over-it was a good thing of course we found out later. Walmart had nothing. ate Hawaiian next door.

Sears for mattress but bought a on sale smart tv. he didn't like the mattresses the Chinese magazine recommended though. he liked firm ones but i like them soft.
dropped off tv so tired so stayed home.

not enough time for hotpot, ate microwave rice dish. late for work again.

only one room i didn't get picked. it was a good thing too because told lao ma only text me when need me.

foodmax then home hotpot. got mad when he changed my movie.