always wth love

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2013-04-02 11:55:08 (UTC)

today okay :/

I know what I said was a lie
but, I gotta let you know?
I'vent be able to let go? so..
I woke up early even thou, I was in bed at 9 something @ night
but I stay about 11 pm
so yea I'm pretty o.O soo
I text a few people but nothin'
I read a bit but also losted
I listen to music & nothin'
so I'm on spring break, yay? right! well I'm not sure...
so I gotta a text but it's pretty simple nothin', really?
it says " good morning homie" nothin' else
it's simple so simple it made me smile
gotta be happy today I just gotta be alive
so help ok, i need it
spring break...
oh yea I'm still unsure okay