Nick's Journal
2013-04-02 02:16:10 (UTC)

Day 2

So just from the outset, a bit of clarification, the "days" that i am using for these entries are not the number of days i've been sober; rather, they are the number of days that i have written in this journal for a consecutive period of time.

today was pretty uneventful really. all i did was work. i'm serious. i got in at 7:45 and left at 5:15 and took about 15 mins worth of breaks total. i work as an attorney for a company. it is my dream job. and as you can see by the title of my last journal entry before i started this all back up, i really needed a new job.

not only is it my dream job but the people i work with are just the best. i know this may be nauseating to read but this is coming from someone who has had some of the worst experiences ever in terms of employers.

anyhow, enough of that. i was really hoping i would have the motivation to broach the topic of my addiction in this entry but as i am typing these words i already feel the motivation has drained from my finger tips. i firmly plan on addressing it tomorrow, i swear!...