The story of an outcast
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2013-04-01 01:16:37 (UTC)


This weekend has been the longest to me. It feels like it was longer than my break for thanksgiving. Before the easter break, I finally had the gutts to tell my closest friend at school about my Christmas experience and broke out crying while I did it. She gave me a hug and made me feel wanted. Thanks Jazzy, without yo I would of snapped during the long weekend.
Me and my parents and brothers drove two hours thrusday to a place call Spearfish for the break, and all that happened was either getting hit in the back of the head with food wrappers, toys, and a piece of gum. I thinks there's still some pieces stuck in my hair though. Most of our stay was aweful, filled with the shouting of my brothers, kicking of their feet on the back of my seat, and my parents getting on to me for no apperent reason. Hopefully everyone elses break was better than mine.

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