Nick's Journal
2013-03-31 22:41:37 (UTC)

Day One

i haven't written in this diary in well over a year and it was entitled "worst job ever". so that kind of gives you a taste as to how it's been. actually it's been like this for a while. in fact it's been like this for almost 2 years now.

so, while this is a "story" (ugh i hate that word) of addiction, this is also an accumulation of my everyday mundane thoughts. you see i'm trying to change and remain changed. once component of that is consistency. erratic behavior is the hallmark of an addict.

i really don't want to address the addiction part of this "story" just yet, i guess that will have to wait until a later "chapter". for now, i just want to revel in the fact that i am once again writing in this journal. this journal has been such an integral part of my life for so long that it really took a truly dark period of my life to tear me away from it.

so yeah, just as a fore-warning there will be the usual corny entries in here about "taking the road" and blah this and blah that. well i take that back, i hope that i write about it in a manner that won't make you roll your eyes, but will hopefully keep you reading out of interest. because if there is one corny line i will allow myself as i write about addiction, it is that i hope that this will help someone who may be on the same "road" i am on.

anyhow, this is day one; i am sitting here watching march madness and thinking about the gruesome injury to the louisville player. i actually missed it (and didn't really want to see it again) but my brother called me and took it upon himself to provide me with an extremely vivid account (bear in mind he's studying to be a dentist, so he isn't too phased by these things anymore) that was probably worse than any instant replay anyhow.

so far this is the best game. i should have picked louisville to pick it all (i ended up picking indiana...) just on account of their stifling defense. michigan is looking extremely bad ass but then again so is witchita state. i really liked fgcu and thought they were the most entertaining team in the tourney thus far.

oh and juli and i did our taxes this weekend. i swear, i took four (4) tax classes in law school, one of which was specifically dedicated to the income tax, and i still have to take pause here and there and mutter to myself, "what the fuck?"

but i'll be god-damned if i'm going to have a finance degree and a law degree and have SOMEONE else do my taxes. uh-uh, i don't play with that bullshit. get the fuck out of here h&r block, seriously? i'm gonna sit down with some dude who's eyes are too far apart, who's gonna drool on my paper and then "sign-off" on it?

eh. so yeah, if you work at h&r block, i'm gonna be guessing that you'll not be around for day 2 and may even take it upon yourself to leave me a dirty comment. but yeah, that's what this journal is all about. rants about stupid things that really don't matter. because that is what a healthy life is all about: caring. caring about random stupid shit is one thousand (1,000) times better than not caring. once you stop caring, you're fucked.

so if you read this and think to yourself, "man this guy cares too fucking much about the dumbest god-damned shit," then i will take that as a compliment; it means that i am finally caring about my life, something that i have neglected to do, for quite some time.