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2013-03-30 20:13:28 (UTC)

Drama in the group!!!

Holey fucking hell!!! There is some drama in the group I hang out with now. Stupid silly stuff and I let myself get pulled into this stupid quicksand. AARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

Dumb ass people with nothing else to do but bitch bitch bitch!!! Apparently, I'm in the group of the young and beautiful women and we are isolating people from our outings. Well, we've been friends for years now so how are we suppose to treat newbies that same way? How are we sure we can trust them, rely on them, believe them, yada yada yada. Some things has to be earned. Not just in the group but in life.

So the queen bee of this group isn't happy with it. I'm sort of the middle man because I do understand how the queen bee thinks and I'm in with the "clique"! lol I'm trying to mitigate things since this group is part of my life now. I spend a lot of time with them.

The exec off is a total bitch too. She isn't beautiful at all. By this I mean her heart. She's obnoxious, undependable, moody, jealous of the pretty women, and a snitch. She can't hold a secret at all so she screwed herself over.

Now the queen bee is upset when parents set up events outside of our "group". Told queen bee that we are adults and we don't have to go through the group to set things up. We can set up things outside of the group if we choose to do so. I don't even know why we even discussed this. It's so stupid. People don't have anything else to do?

So I unfriended Christy (2nd in command) because she pissed me off but more for being a meanie and always complaining about other people.

I was suppose to do the bbq for tomorrow's Easter picnic but we're going to be rained out with possible thunderstorms. So, I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore. whew!!

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