I iz a idiot

My Lousy Diary
2013-03-30 20:27:04 (UTC)

Back from Hospital

I don't really know what to say. My friend just begged me on Goodreads to join this and here I am.

I am no extraordinary guy. To say the truth, I'd rather be stuck in a book than see the world. Besides, all I can really do with my condition is do things that I can rest with while doing.

My girlfriend, Booky, is on here, but I see her all the time so it doesn't matter whether I see her here or not.

I just came back from the hospital. A few people were freaking out about it, but I'm thankful that Booky/Brook wasn't freaking out. But also she knows about my condition so it kind of makes sense.

I, to tell the truth, don't want internet friends. Sure, I'll give feedback to people if they ask me for some, but I don't want an internet friend. I am not naive and, in fact, am not really zoned for internet. The outside world is much more pleasant.

And, before you ask, no, I will not give out my first name, age, number of siblings, which city or state I live in, or any of that info. That is for my eyes alone. I even made a new email just to begin this diary so no one will know my first name, last name, or the email I commonly use.

Hmm...that's all. Enjoy my lousy diary.

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