Forever Faith
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2013-03-30 03:28:35 (UTC)

Wit and Lies

Everyday I change my mind on something. Could be my fickle mind or indecisive nature. All I know is I can't make decisions very well. And on that note, I never know when I make a right or wrong choice. This, making life so complicated, changes how I view things... Mostly in a negative mannor. I sometimes think I'm going crazy.. Due to lack of fantasizing and letting myself vent. I can't help it though. I don't like problems, especially talking about them to people I barely trust. Who knows when someone will turn around and stab you in the back. Could be today, tommorow, or yesterday. Could be never.. But you never really know, do you? Breaking up with my boyfriend, and not being upset about it may seem pretty bitchy... But crying also seems melodramatic. So I never win. I don't think you can always satisfy everyone. Someone is always there to put you down considering you can't make everyone happy. And that's not your fault. You can't be responsible for everyone's happiness. And when it all comes down to it, it's your's that counts. If facebook were a diary, and people cared what I thought, this would be much easier.. But it's not and they don't and,, I can always count on talking to myself.. Because I know, for a fact that I won't be able to stab myself in the back considering I can't even reach that far.. Save me from a life I claim to be so dull? Well, another one bites the dust, momma's kissing Santa Clause, and Mamma fucking Mia... Dreams can only go so far til you wake up.