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2013-03-27 21:29:12 (UTC)

I'm so damn stupid :(

I feel so damn stupid :(
can't believe this week of awakardness & embarrassment
I just can't believe it tbh!
about three hours I almost losted my friend number, I'm so damn dummy I'm pathetic
so anyway today at school I was so damn tired that I couldn't stop yawning,ugh
my teacher was looking at this paper that's done this Friday ; I wasn't in a good mood I was ' I was being an ass about it' that the work i put into I guess ... but before that" i was okay" my girl jackie ask me " if I'm okay " I at that times wasn't being a fucking btich
so damn I'm so stupid I can't even remember a damn number
.. at lunch it gotten worse & my home girl was being annoying that I wasn't paying attention to the conversation
I didn't feel any regrets so I'm pleased

so now more awkward stuff -
to many things to remember for school & home
so can get out,of this depression.
I got multpy arguemenfs about life choices with my mom
I can't say anything positive to safe my life,ugh

here's some good things that came out of it
I finally gotta the book that had read about or watch at the movies
but besides that I was whatching yesterday very funny show you might of heard " Chelsea Lately "
but anyway, this was some what a weird ass week
good nite my btiches