Experienced Life
2013-03-26 23:47:12 (UTC)

The Ex sure is consistent

The ex said she'd be in Sacramento today to take the kiddos to their orthodondist and I'd be seeing them for a little while. I figure that chances of that really happening was 10%. So what happened? Nothing as usual. Nobody was here. I just pull my same old smirk that I again called it like I saw it. lol

On brighter subjects, we played dart league tonight. I did pretty good. Partner sucked this time but I was able to carry the team. Then after league, I played some cards at the card room. Made my money back from all my drinking tonight. Life can be good.

Now I'm home, all is quiet and all is good. I recently got turned on to this whiskey called fireball whiskey. It's great! Almost like drinking candy. Very very bad. lol. I have a bottle of it right now.