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2013-03-26 17:19:23 (UTC)


Life is becoming clear to me. I am still in love with Abdul. I finally know what to do career wise and I am feeling more and more confindent everyday. All of these changes came from one source...Abdul! I truly can't stress how he pushes me so far in everything I do. Anyways, i dont want to be corny. Life is slow. I dislike both my jobs, but i can manage them for now. Living with family is hectic. 7 ppl squeezed into a few rooms is not fun! Expecially if one of them is ELephant (nickname for a bro i severely dislike) he has been back home for about a month now. And i am happy to say i havnt said one word to him at all. I dont plan to! I dont mean to sound horrible and scorned but his attitude and demeanor towards his life, family and siblings has shown me enough to never want to be near his presence.