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2013-03-26 09:02:58 (UTC)

3/25/13 Monday

-dada came by himself. i "explained" i lost my phone so that i didn't go endup Friday night. he was ok. then he got drunk and wanted me to drive him home or something. i even got pissed at him. he didn't pay either. that's 3 times: Thursday night, Friday bday night, and tonight. he kept calling on my way home, i finally turned the phone off
-woke me up to sign the lease. went to the house at 4:30, stayed until 6:30 going through everything. got bored and so hungry.
-Spicy town hotpot dinner. Fremont to get clothes then folsom.
-lao ma showed me the texts dada sent to her. i got pissed at him too. what did i do wrong? why is he being such a lil kid? i couldn't stop expressing my anger in the room. only one room and no biz for me, lil fat came to get me at 12. dada was sitting at the bar, we didn't talk though. back to Fremont. they r working on the stuffs. i packed. now use internet.