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2013-03-25 15:44:12 (UTC)

very crappy day

very crappy day,
it's very fuck up,really?
the stupid school computer we acting stupid
I was pissed.. so around second pd I was talking to ema, I loved it alot so I was "happy" and tired...
later in the hallway I get a poke from the back.. it was an old friend Jocelyn so I was very surprised, I only saw her few times this year I'm happy
three pd I couldn't stop yawning it was horrible I was so damn sleep, ugh.. & fourth pd wasn't any better I was still yawning until lunch time
anyway my home girl & well she yelled at me I fucking hate it I was so damn offended by that ... she knew I how my situation & she made it worse in front of Riley; that was in fifth pd; i wasn't happy, ugh
so later in my last class my friend amber what's wrong I just said I'm exhausted
I'm happy that she didn't bring down
anyway I hope tomorrow is damn better but I doubt that thou...
ahhh! so bye my btiches