Heart Full Of Junk
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2013-03-25 08:17:18 (UTC)

im sorry i cared.

You dont care. You never have. You yell at her & you treat her as if shes your slave. Shes not... Shes your daughter, but you dont treat her like it. You call her names. Shes insecure & then you wonder why. Wanna know? In her eyes all she is, is "fat, bitch, lazy, worthless, nothing, hoe," & you're the reason why. She always wonders why you dont like her. Is it because shes not your first born? Not your first child? Not your first son? Not your baby? Not the kid of the man you are married to? or is it that she cared to much about you? Shes just another one. Nothing special. Can you just tell her why? She wonders everyday... But shes done wondering. Shes done being hurt by you. She will not make the same mistakes as you. When all your other children that you adore so much are gone. & They will be, she will also be, she will be long gone not faking that smile or laugh. She will be living. For once in her life. & You will regret all the horrible things you did. & You cant blame anyone else. Because this is all on you. Thanks mom.

love, the child that actually cared.