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2013-03-23 07:34:32 (UTC)

this so fuck up

this so fuck up
I get waken up by something I don't remember it's so damn pathetic
I don't even know what time this all happen,
it was probably one. well anyway I went to sleep anyway around 11 pm
than I wake up about six something than I tired to go back to sleep
but it was all bullshit really?
so I'm fucking up again getting ready for this damn big bash that can't go downstairs
so anyway I hate today
now I get an text from Vivian I was like " now hoe you text me" I said this morning but it's from last night
today is boring for me, there's only a month until my birhday it's going hard for me
so help me out! I'm bit btich today again
so Im damn fucked up wallflower
byee, wish me damn luck !:(