always wth love

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2013-03-22 17:08:11 (UTC)

every 15 mins ( my weight) :(

before I went dumb ass school...
I step on the scale and it said 115.2
it's little over average but, I'm not fat? I think I'm not really sure?
anyway, I was at school and well?? we finish up the " every 15 mins" project and it was very moving but; I wasn't in good place earlier in the morning I felt like numb even thou I could feel everything if that makes sense... so lately I been out bursting alot in weird times of the day.
so I don't what to do...anyway my homie girl ask me what wrong? I don't remember if I respond sorry? I been forgetting alot lately.
any who wasn't very pleased today. I haven't had alot of energy in me so I been a btich alot...
so now it's I'm doing homework, ugh..I'm not really sure if I can do it today cuz; we are very busy... I'm not sure if I can finish anything,anymore.
| been having alot pain stabbing in my chest it hurts alot.
now I feel this sharp pain in my body but, I dont like it :(
so want to go away but I can't,
so tell me how to get out? of this black hole
i can't forget this two days of " every 15 mins" project that they brought to our school
go! Mustangs! yay:)
so help me because I'm still losted...
HELP me?
I want feedback this time...
bye my btiches:(