The story of an outcast
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2013-03-22 22:21:28 (UTC)

The Beginning

I'll be straight out a forward with this when I say I hate my bloody life. I've been the outcast ever since the third grade when I first transfered to my second school in a large city. Third grade no one liked me except my best friend Barbara. Man, do I miss her. She was always there for me, and made me feel like I belonged at my new school.

Fourth grade I started getting bullied, called mean things like; fat cracker, hoe, bitch, and many other things. Then in the middle of the year I got a note from someone that said, Go back to where you came from, or I'll shot you with my mom's gun, you bitch. I told my princible and she did nothing.

Nothing happened fifth grade, but sixth grade I started getting beaten. I was ganged in my gym class and left in the locker room on the floor for almost ten minutes until I finally got up. No one came looking for me, and no one noticed me when I ran out of the locker room to the bleachers to cry under there so no one would see.

Seventh grade the same thing happened in the bathroom but a teacher, my dad's friend, saw me get thrown from the bathroom to the wall and ground and did nothing. NOTHING!!! No one cared about me then and they don't care about me now.

On this last Christmas my parents found out I was talking online to people in chatrooms. They took my computer and all their trust for me. I felt awful and tried to kill myself that morning, on Christmas.

I couldn't go through with it though, because of all the pain I felt when I tried it. I told myself I wouldn't try it again but I did three months later then two weeks. I just don't feel like my life is worth it. This is basicly how it all started, my very bad life.

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