Experienced Life
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2013-03-21 18:09:21 (UTC)

Not easy when you are down

Being alone is not too bad. It's only hard when multiple things go down and you feel like shit. People giving you a hard time at work when you go home and no one to speak to. I'm tough and I've more than enough experience to deal with times like this. It's just not something I enjoy and it sucks. The skills I learned subconsciously kicked in. Just surprises me that all. Why did it kick in?
Situation must be kinda bad for me to go into this phase. Hmmmmm...

I may join another dart league so this means I will play twice a week. It's just too bad I don't get paid to play darts. That would be sweet. I know darts is not something that is of any use in life but it does take me away for the boredom and monotony. The fire of competition and the need to win has died down big time. Those days are gone. I'd prefer a glass of wine with a cute smart woman hands down any day and twice on Sundays.