The story of an outcast
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2013-03-21 13:39:01 (UTC)


Yesterday was so akward at school. It was Health Awarness Day, so the whole day we talked about Bullying, Safe Dating, HIV and AIDS, and Suicide. All of them were just very akward. Escpecily my last class with all the Freshmen girls where we were all givin two condoms and showed up pictures of you probably know what. EW!!!

The person that talked about bullying just made me feel bad. She used me as an example like; "We don't want to hang out with you because you look white." and I was the only white person in the room. Even the girls at the table I was sitting at looked affened by it because they knew I'm the only white person in the whole school. I'm racist if ou woundering. I'm not.

The person for suicide didn't even show up. Total irony. Then the other classes where totally normal, but the whole time Except for first period didn't even bother sitting by me. I hate feeling left out. It makes the inside of my heart feel ripped it two. Most of the time I try to sit by people that I thought were my friends they would move two minutes later to sit on the far side of the room. :(

All I need right now is someone who relates to me and tell me how to feel better.