always wth love

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2013-03-20 15:33:51 (UTC)

fucked up day :@!

today was so fucked up!!
my teacher is so racket it's so damn dumb!
I hate him! I hate being at school!!!
so today was all bullshit, no covering what I say; isn't true!
so I felt alone with alot reasons when I'm in school I see nothin important for me, really?
I couldn't focus on anything really? tbh!
I did the work way damn later when I wasn't in any mood of doing it.
so I can totally say it's four fucking weeks of bad luck!
I hate it, I'm so irrated it's unbelieveable
I'm a damn wallflower who's shy as fuckkkkkk
I hate been here!!!
why could this be better?? just damn well tell, me
so bye btiches!