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2013-03-20 05:43:46 (UTC)

am pathetic

am pathetic
I woke up three times.
I'm pretty much hopeless, I don't know anymore...I really NOT sure.
lately I been exhausted & irrated about things, I'm so done with it!
so this the fourth week, that's fucked up.
my birthday is one month away but I'm not lookin for it.
I'm attitude has changed a lot
here's something's that I've wish I had in me:
loveably girl who's not alone ( aka. me:( Maddi)
so many friends that I won't be home on the weekends
have a girlfriend to keep me to be myself 100% of the time
I know I sound pathetic but that's what i want... I'm not perfect but that I want more than anything else!
I don't have those stupid bucket list, so sorry? I guess I never had one planned.
so umm... I had rereadin' some of my entry's that have to many errors,oh damn well
those were my fucked up mistakes.
wish me luck on my test I hope I damn passed, but I doubt it because I do horrible on tests & quizzes.
I texted Vivian yesterday before it gotten dark & a lil after too.
I'm pathetic, shy wallflower am I
... bye :(