always wth love

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2013-03-19 15:43:39 (UTC)

school :( boring really!

today was okay, I guess..:/
just more arguments with my mom, it's so fucked up! err!
besides that I saw my homie girl today before lunch so you can say i was pleased.
so now,more than an hour ago I was home
nothing really to tell you guys about really?
so earlier today was talking to ema she awesome she ain't a push type of gal
so that's helps,
besides that it's was all good and still depressed ( when I say all good) I'm lying to you btiches! :(
I still have my headaches & my stomach is queasy all day even at lunch.
oh yea hears some songs that I love alot
best friend & summertime by kreayshawn
decisions by Miley Cyrus,
balcony by cassie
free falling John mayor
there's more I can't remember sorry?
so see you guys my btiches <3

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