The story of an outcast
2013-03-19 19:06:01 (UTC)

About me

I don't like talking about my life. There's nothing I really like to share about it with people, but someone told me that I needed to open up and talk to someone about it. So I'll give it a try.

Well where to begin? My name is Skyler and I'm fourteen years old almost fifteen in July. I live with my step dad and my mom and two nine years younger brothers, James and Kyle. They hate me. My brothers I mean. I love my brothers to death but they just make me really stressed out and depressed. They really hurt me emotionally when they run around the house saying I'm evil and cry when my mom and step dad leave them alone at home with me.

I lived back in Mississippi for my entire life but moved just last July to South Dakota because I would get bullied at school, no matter where I would go. I'm always an outcast. No one likes me and everyone tries their best to ignore me. Because of this I tried three times now to kill myself.

Please send me feedback I need someone to actually notice me not just my five and six year old brothers who don't even like me.

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