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2013-03-19 17:02:40 (UTC)

Jasmine Garden

I've just ordered a takeaway from jasmine garden and it's making me think of dvy. I realised it's the same takeaway we used the first time he came round and stayed through the next day, lazing around. I know this because the box is exactly the same. I remember collecting it from the delivery guy that afternoon, and seeing maureen see me holding it in the hallway with 2 sets of dishes, and feeling a kind of smugness. i'm pathetic that even a cardboard box can trigger the most heartbreaking memories. it's gradually going away, but ever so slowly. Is this god's punishment for my engaging in lustful behaviour with someone I'd just met? he said, 'i know, let me give her a good one where she won't even know what's hit her. then maybe next time she'll wait'.