always wth love

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2013-03-19 06:00:54 (UTC)

3:45 am another panic attack:(

at 3:45 am I felt my heart rasing very fasted....
I tired to force myself to go back to sleep it was so worthless, cuz I knew an hour I would have to get up for stupid school :(
so yes I had another " painic attack "
so haven't reason to explain to my family that I'm depressed it would be worthless
anyway my stomach been killer lately.

right now, my listening to my fave rapper it's damn kreayshawn :) I love her
I also listening others but, kreayshawn is ONE that I'm into the mosted
so today damn.
but it's Tuesday so tell if I'm going make it, cuz I don't see it at this point :(
I'm a fucked up wallflower,whose damn shy:(
don't want be bother but, I know that's not going happen today so why try!
i love my btiches <3