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2013-03-18 05:07:10 (UTC)

omg! I think I had a painic attack :(

omg! I think I had a painic attack
I don't know? what's going on with me?? I'm scary cuz, I felt dying now
my heart is hurting a lot I woke like three times...
I don't think I should go to school; today because how I'm feeling
I was trying to cry nothin' came out of my eyes I don't know what's happening to me??
around 2am I still feel my heart beating a lot and I couldn't calm down if someone came to safe my life...I don't what would happen, to be honest...
so don't want go...I don't want talk about it or explain it,what to happen to me :(
so wish luck my btiches :/
we I gotta go,get ready for high school
bye maddi