2013-03-16 19:38:42 (UTC)

3/16/13 Saturday

Endup after work with dada and jon. Jon left unhappy i assume. Got so high went to lao ying. Lil fat was waiting for me outside. I wish he had come in then I wouldn't have taken dada to millbrae. Talked to him in bathroom still high. Gave him address. He was mad insist me leaving. I had no choice but left. Even though I was pissed. Dada called he held my phone abd answered. Dada got pissed of course.
Had sex. He went to work. Stayed in bed until 5. Came back. Sex again. Ordered 小沈阳 togo. Food was bad.

His fd's bday so booked room 3. Dada was mad at me so I deleted him too.

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