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2013-03-17 07:43:38 (UTC)

my sis birthday :)

dear diary,
today it's my sis birthday, but she been distance about two months. I miss her alot I look up to her in someways.. she is 20 years old & she great person to be around with there's always so many flaws that she has but, I love alot even thou we aren't really sisters but, who cares right! I know her every since I was eight we been good friends ever since & yea it's been 4 years that haven't spoken together, but I'm gald she came back to me in 2 years... we both changed alot in those years apart but that's what we build a stronger yea I been miserable because, we haven't talked in a month... the only way I found out the new she was all right was by her aunty (my moum) told me( she didn't want to be found)and she quit her job, I was so damn angry that I started to cry because of it. so it's her birthday, I miss you sis alot & I hope you find in yourself that I need you here with me as much the family as well...
bye dairy
Maddi xoxoxo