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2013-03-16 07:22:48 (UTC)

my suicide dream ( i feel sick)

a suicide dream...
I was outside in the town with some friends walking up the montain,
than all sudden I felt dizzy, and I fallen onto the ground...
my friends were calling my name but, I couldn't hear them ...5 hours pasted then I'm in the hoptical where the doctor is explaining to my family & friends that " I had a sucide attack" and that my brain been having these massive headaches, that won't stop an time and or if they did it will probably be an hour or so...
I woke up breathing very hard that I still see myself at the hoptical & later in the dream the doctor ask me a simple question " are you depressed" and " are you cutting"I couldn't hear the questions so I didn't say anything... I kepted my mouth shut & looked at the damn floor like something happen to mee
than I started to crying alot that I couldn't breathe & the doctor said " I need to a therapy to talk about my depression" he said its time to get help and I cried some more
when I lefted the hoptical I didn't say a word I sat there in silence in the car & I walked up the stairs