always wth love

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2013-03-15 21:13:36 (UTC)

ugh high school ( and old me, for an hour ago)

ugh high school...
anyway I do this damn this paper
anyway we could choice any topic? so it's help half way
besides that, I'm delaying the outline for it NOW so it's not good, but I don't damn really care about...
(and old me, for an hour ago)
an hour ago at 8pm to select the time right, well I just gotten done watching an old classy show we all know if you are ( damn fave)
the really crappy apart about this it's ONLY a special, ugh
but it's so damn worth it!
still sick & unsure of things to put into words, anyway
but yea, I'm a btich & an lil hoe to say myself...
yet I'm still shy as fuck, ugh
and sick I'm still a lez?so don't fuck with me I'm emotional broken
....( these are saying)
here's a saying to think about, don't changed who you are??? that's what I think about to many damn times....
so don't change because family or friends disagree
so help me find me in time I go overload