Find me. Hold me. Love me.
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2013-03-13 23:23:45 (UTC)

What Did I Do to You?

Why is it that I've touched your life in such a significant way? What's so special about me? I don't know why you've chosen to stay in contact with me. Even after I stop talking to you, you leave those lines of communication open. You text me, message me on Facebook. Did I change your life somehow? You want to be with me, even when I ignored you, even when I broke up with you, even after we were through.

"Love remains a drug that's the high and not the pill"

Is this the case with all of you? Did you love me at some point when we were together? Do you still love me?

Is there something wrong with me? Have I taken your heart from you? How do I give it back? I don't want all of this responsibility. Yes, I love you too. But I can't have everything I want. I can't take the aspects from all of you and merge you into one perfect man, and I can't have you all separately and still be considered a "good" person.

I love each and every one of you. Honestly. But I can't do this to all of you. I can only choose one person...

Who is the right person for me? How do you all feel like I am right for you?? Oh, I need advice. I need help. Thank god it isn't a pressing issue...