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2013-03-12 15:41:09 (UTC)

exhausted, ugh...

exhausted, ugh...
why did ive stand up late other day, I'm so fucking tired.
today was damn late start, it's NOT really late start for me, because we've to get up early anyway it's so bullshit
anyway I texted Vivian around 6am ... I was already up for damn school
but hey I'm soo damn bitchy
I'm rude ass zombie
anyway I text Vivian all way up to 8:55am so it was good
she not pushing me soo...
when I went to sleep last night I still had my nightmare of dying its so fucked up!
I hate it...
so school in high school so fuck up! really? to I didn't wanted to do anything, I wanted to stay home & sleep
but I couldn't cuz this damn ass ( chasee) it's a BIG a graduation test in order to graduate from damn high school, it's racket & fucken up in one
so damn out of it... I've to finish this damn thing tomorrow
bye btiches