always wth love

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2013-03-11 20:48:31 (UTC)

time to say goodbye to me

my happiness only lasted up to 6 pm, today
I wasn't lying that I had a better day...
it's that I had was thinking of my exfriend & I was kissing her, if felt so good that I gotten angry while I was listening to my iPod...
I gotta so mad that I started cutting again, and while I was in the shower I was thinking of how,ways to die on purpose & to take this shitty guilt &sorriw
I mean school is so fucked up!
I had texted Alisha,Vivian & nay nay
to help, it's nothin they can do, so why do I try & beg for there help??
I can't take it, I'm fed up
I'm way far of getting help, it's NOt worth it...
I can't keep myself less than 24 hours it's fucked up, really?

I have hear from my exfriend in a while
I don't know? anymore...
it's weird how everyone person I get goes runaway from me
even thou I had a nightmare of dying I wouldn't mine it now
I think it time to complete my suicde letter it's time to END my life on this fuck this dumb worh we say ' home'
so don't freak out ! guys