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2013-03-11 17:42:35 (UTC)

Fuck You

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Hey RealityIsSht you're number 3, just so you don't get confused.

1. Hi. Fuck you. I tried to do everything right, i tried to be a great friend. Did you try for me? Fuck you. That wasn't fair. It's not fair when you do that. When you keep things from me even though you KNOW that I deserve to know.

2. Oh, fuck you, you're stupid, obnoxious, you make me sad.

3. Actually I like you. You're cool, woman. Haha xD

4. I know you love me, but I don't think you understand how I am feeling. This is more than just tired.

5. Fuuuuuccckkk you. I didn't want to be alone, and you left me alone. You knew. I guess what my brain did to me after you left wasn't your fault, but I still feel bad.

6. I don't know your life's story but you shouldn't make fun of me in gym, when you can't serve a volleyball for shit. At least I got over the net. While you were serving, I saved the ball three times. Get over yourself, please. Some people are as sensitive as I am.

Some of my friends are great, and some of my friends are not nice. I really suck at being a good person, but I try really hard to be a good friend. I feel pretty bitter right now.