always wth love

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2013-03-11 15:03:36 (UTC)

better day...

better day...
even thou I'm lil more a bitchy
haha!! so lets see it hard to focus when you are, to damn tired to go sleep cuz,a lame dumb ass nightmare
but yea, it's fuck it...
so I spoken to Alisha it was good, I told her about me & nay nay are still talking so I was so damn happy about that today... besides that I had a good reason to text Vivian morning cuz I'm loving her more than I had been, before & I was in a good damn good state of mind... thank god! I'vent been there in a while...

I had still have my attitude problems, I'm ok for now..
today is on a very good note so I'm very excited about that yay!

so I'm leaving here saying tomorrow will be bright as well
oh yea still have my damn headaches so I'm ok for now
& I'm still think of suicdal but I don't think it's going to leave soo, I don't fucken care!
bye btiches