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2013-03-10 22:09:03 (UTC)

Finally had my own litte crab fest

Last night, I was wayyyy to busy hosting that I didn't even get to eat. So tonight was my night. I boiled my crabs and had one of them. It was so good. Now I know what I missed. I just roasted some minced garlic with some olive oil just enough to brown it then I mixed it with the melted butter. I used my fancy smancy butter warmer, with a few Blue Moons while watching The Walking Dead. I'm all good tonight.

I did clean up a bit but my friends cleaned most everything for me already. I posted the typical lost and found stuff that got left behind. I have way more alcohol than I started with. lol. This is typical when you host.

There were some newbies and it was good to see them. I don't know what happened to some of these people but some guys sure blew it. There are some beautiful woman in our group. I'm just kidding. I'm sure it was more complicating that this but there really are some pretty woman in our group.

Not everyone in the group knows my kiddos are in Nevada. Always hard to explain this to newbies when they ask where my kids are. I don't even know why I'm with the group at all since the kiddos aren't with me. I've told this to my core group and they keep ensuring me that it's ok and that I'm family. They say they got my back should any newbies ask why I'm never with my kids. So for now, I stay with the group.

Dart season starts soon. Looking forward to it but I suck big time for not practicing. My partner is going to be pissed off for awhile until I get my dart game back again.

Oh yeah, last but not least. Ex informed me that our kiddo is going to flunk 2nd grade. Not sure if I mentioned that already or not but it's in my mind so putting this on here. I had tutors, afterschool programs help and my software all going on while the boy was here. Now he is flunking. I told the ex this would happen and now it is. Once again, I'm right and she realizes it only later. Oh well, fuck it. Not my problem anymore.

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