always wth love

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2013-03-10 10:55:54 (UTC)

friend over love

friend over love..
it should be the other way around or just both, I been texting nay nay I should be happy right? well no I'm not ( I'm so alone) *sigh*
I'm so sick of you! fuckin' depression, but I'm in to damn deep
my nightmares frighting me, of dying... I don't know what's wrong with me?
I'm a shy woman & who's has a disability...
my emotions are out of control, I get way damn close to my girlfriends that I can't let go & I'm over used of a texting of the technology...
I'm losing focus in the daily living, I think it time to get help, but how can I
they don't know the girl they made up as woman, anymore...
I can't keep this up anymore
I can't keep this lame smile than a second now!
it's now nine months, & later it will be summer again
I won't be able to keep on lying to people I love the mosted anymore
I really wish I was strong, again but it's NOT going to happen...
am I going to make today? no! it's hopeless
tomorrow is school, ugh...
I'm hopeless & alone, I'm lez now... within that I have alot of doubts about myself
I'm sick & in pain, going to cry now! bye