always wth love

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2013-03-10 06:18:24 (UTC)

am I ready unwell & freaked out

this morning around 5 am
today was morning I felt soo unwell
My body woke up like clocked work, I felt so sick that I want to die...
within that I had nightmares again
& every so often I wake up
so now I feel so uncontrollable alone,now
It's that Im so sick of depression I want die 10x worse to don't deal with this bullshit
...can't get the love I wanted to safe my life...
Stupid change time change I always going more damn tired than before in my life
I don't know I take this shitty life anyone, I'm better off DEAD....
so I'm shy so gives a fuck,
Well I should get up & get dressed we aren't going anywhere thou, I kinda wish I was thou I really needed Vivian to talk with today at church but I know she busy soo I'm trying fallen to her personality to much, cuz I'm in luv her to damn much--- if that make any damn sense
now I'm listening to my faves music on music tube,
cant believe this depression took me on this ride of darkness..
I'm so damn tired, ugh
Still in bed, fuck I gotta get up?!
So I can't breathe again, I'm getting up
I'm so tired & unsure I now I'm going to make it