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2013-03-10 07:12:50 (UTC)


I feel so down.....I have never slept in a house (ovenight) just by myself before....I have never had a proper relationship with anyone but my (soon to be ex) wife. When I think of the night after they leave, I really don't know how I would cope.
I have destroyed the only good thing I had (my family) now I am going to be left with nothing but my sad self. I am trying to be strong but if the truth be said I am struggling.
I am a flawed human being and my flaws are now affecting others ie my wife and children. I need to somehow keep it together and prepare for my exams in April/May and then after that I will need to keep my head low and just try and be the best I can, I hope I have the strength to do that. Sometimes I just want to give up