Date With Destiny
2001-10-10 10:27:39 (UTC)

Draft Cover Letter

Hello MA,

I just fine tuned this cover letter. I need to know if you
think this is too much information or any suggestions you
might have to re-work any phrases.

I invite all constructive criticism and/or feedback:)

Dear Linda Manser,

I am pleased to submit the attached resume for your
consideration for the position of Executive Director with
your organization as advertised at the Charity Village Web
Site. I believe that my background as a leader in the non-
profit sector and specifically with youth service
organizations will enable me to be a dynamic Executive
Director of the National Youth In Care Network.

I bring extensive experience in the area's of fund raising,
social marketing, public relations, program administration
and community development. This experience has included
budget planning and preparation, policy development,
strategic planning, all aspects of human resource
management, and skill training and development.

I also have a keen understanding of the issues that are
faced by at risk and vulnerable youth. In my position as
Executive Director of the Sudbury Action Centre For Youth,
I worked very closely with at risk and vulnerable youth and
successfully developed a Youth Peer Mentor and Skill
Development Program. I also facilitated a highly successful
Substance Abuse Prevention Pilot Project called Building
For The Future which included involving youth in all
aspects of program development and administration.

My diverse background has included working with at risk and
vulnerable youth within the criminal justice system, the
mental health system, youth coming out of care of the
Children's Aid Society and youth who have had barriors to

I am excited about the possibilities of working with your
Board of Directors and network partners to develop a
program of personal growth, skill training and personal
healing to individual members. The challenge is clear.
Together we will work to re-build personal self-esteem to
dis-empowerd youth and create a strong and viable National
Youth in Care Network

The attached resume highlights key elements in my
professional development to date. I look forward to meeting
with you to answer any questions you may have. I can be
reached at ****** to schedule an interview.


Eugene Williams