always wth love

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2013-03-09 18:44:35 (UTC)

am not ready

am not ready??
truth to be told.. It's hard to say it
I'm shy
I have a disablity
I had a rocky life as child & teen years
I'm not proud of, I'm a good lair...
So today was the 9th.. My eyes are ready to pour out of me, like a baby
But I also notices that this year, I get very close to my girlfriends & I get so close that I get head over heels....
And they don't feel the same way, so it drives me insane cuz, I'm always alone..
so it's hard to accepted. So yea, I'm missing you & it's ninth month...
truth to be told, I can't get over you even thou
You already forgotten me, i will miss you & are friendship soo dearly I never gotten so close to someone in a long time
So it's words of you said to me, has brought me to tears alot
so... I'm a night owl within a losted soul
nothin really just want to die, and I'm Maddi
am not ready